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by | Sep 19, 2018 | Our Products

Cuppa anyone?? Two German In British tweed and a passion for tea & alcohol, yet nowhere were the two fused together, a wrong they felt compelled to right.  Noveltea takes the best loose leaf tea cold brewed to extract as much flavours as possible and botanicals to produce the finest blends imaginable, it’s traditional tea with a twist.  This premium beverage is delightful served ice cold in the summer or warm as a winter night cap.  So the collection:

Earl Grey – Earl grey tea, slightly spicy, citrusy and a hint of floral with British gin.

Tangier – Moroccan green mint tea, with an added hint of apple and complemented with white rum.

And soon to arrive

Oolong – A fragrant Chinese oolong flavour with natural sweetness and floral traces complemented by a Scottish whisky blend.