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by | Sep 19, 2018 | Our Products

And Rarity #8 is *drum roll*…

Agave Nectar Gin!

The last release for 2018 with only 1000 bottles these never last long so grab one while you can.

The gin is a vegan-friendly alternative to the popular honey gin style and takes flavour-inspiration from Mexico, where most of the world’s agave is grown. It is distilled and I infused with agave nectar as well as hibiscus which gives it its soft pink hue.

The perfect pour for this gin is simply with premium tonic and orange peel. The cocktail, however, is a little more flamboyant; an Agave Nectar Gin Margarita. This drink is similar to a gimlet but adds the bit extra fun this Mexican-inspired gin deserves with a traditional margarita glass with a less-traditional hibiscus sugar-rim.

And if you do miss out don’t worry we have Agave Baubles too!