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by | May 3, 2018 | Our Products

We are now the proud stockists of Orkney Craft Vinegar!! Brewed in Orkney with natural Orcadian ingredients and aged in oak barrels.

The Bere malt vinegar is hand made in small batches using Bere barley. This is an ancient form of barley and its use in Orkney can be traced back 5000 years. The vinegar is produced in the slow, old fashioned way, then left to mature in oak barrels before it is finally ready for bottling.

Their Honey & Meadowsweet vinegar is brewed from scratch using large quantities of pure honey and orcadian springwater for a high grade mash to make mead. Infused with meadowsweet flowers grown in managed fields on Hobbister organic farm, then fermented a second time into vinegar and aged in chestnut barrels. The result has the perfect balance of acidity, slight sweetness and florals.

Plus, just a few drops works delightfully in a traditional G&T!!