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  • Ale Popcorn ALE POPCORNS

    These new ale popcorns from Joe & Seph’s have just arrived! Check out these flavours:

    • Pale Ale Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% pale ale. Sweet and fruity with a bitter undertone.

    • German Weissbier Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% German weissbier. A lovely, smooth, earthy flavour with a bitter finish.

    • Irish Stout Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% Irish stout. Creamy, rich and maty with a classically bitter Irish stout finish.

    Don’t miss out, pop in and pick up yours today!

  • Gin, Whisky and Vodka Baubles CHRISTMAS BAUBLES

    Our Gin, Vodka and Whisky Baubles are now available to buy, postage is £3 for under 2kg and all baubles currently available are as follows:

    • Poetic license Rarities Espresso (limited numbers) £5
    • Poetic license Rarities Tutti Fruitti (limited numbers) £5
    • Sibling Lemon & Rosemary £5
    • Copeland Strawberry & basil £5
    • Sacred Christmas pudding £5
    • Sibling Cranberry & clementine £5
    • Nelson’s Rhubarb & custard £5.50
    • Tom Cat Mango £5
    • Sibling Strawberry & Black Pepper £5
    • Copeland Rasp & Mint £5
    • J J Whitley Violet £5
    • British Polo Gin £5
    • Warner Edwards Honey Bee £5
    • Warner Edwards Elderflower £5
    • Copper Frog £5.50
    • Norfolk Gin £5.50
    • Duncan Gin £5.50
    • Liverpool lemongrass & Ginger £5.50
    • Psychopomp Pinga £5
    • Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger £5
    • Aber Falls Orange marmalade £5
    • Fattys Organic £5.50
    • Boe Violet £5
    • Two Birds Rhubarb £5
    • Strawberry & Vanilla £5
    • Peaky Blinders £5
    • Dr Eamers firelit £5
    • Rarities Agave Nectar (limited edition) £5

    • Benromach peat £6
    • Benromach smoky £6
    • Glen Scotia 2008 ltd release £6
    • Loch Lomond 12yr £6

    • Christmas spice £5
    • After dinner Mint £5
    • Salted caramel £5

    We will be adding more – contact us if you would like to place an order. Payment can be made in the shop, over the phone or by BACs.

    Don’t miss out, get your orders in!

  • Agave Nectar Gin AGAVE NECTAR GIN

    And Rarity #8 is *drum roll*…

    Agave Nectar Gin!

    The last release for 2018 with only 1000 bottles these never last long so grab one while you can.

    The gin is a vegan-friendly alternative to the popular honey gin style and takes flavour-inspiration from Mexico, where most of the world’s agave is grown. It is distilled and I infused with agave nectar as well as hibiscus which gives it its soft pink hue.

    The perfect pour for this gin is simply with premium tonic and orange peel. The cocktail, however, is a little more flamboyant; an Agave Nectar Gin Margarita. This drink is similar to a gimlet but adds the bit extra fun this Mexican-inspired gin deserves with a traditional margarita glass with a less-traditional hibiscus sugar-rim.

    And if you do miss out don’t worry we have Agave Baubles too!

  • Noveltea NOVELTEA

    Cuppa anyone?? Two German In British tweed and a passion for tea & alcohol, yet nowhere were the two fused together, a wrong they felt compelled to right.  Noveltea takes the best loose leaf tea cold brewed to extract as much flavours as possible and botanicals to produce the finest blends imaginable, it’s traditional tea with a twist.  This premium beverage is delightful served ice cold in the summer or warm as a winter night cap.  So the collection:

    Earl Grey – Earl grey tea, slightly spicy, citrusy and a hint of floral with British gin.

    Tangier – Moroccan green mint tea, with an added hint of apple and complemented with white rum.

    And soon to arrive

    Oolong – A fragrant Chinese oolong flavour with natural sweetness and floral traces complemented by a Scottish whisky blend.