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    PINK CHAMPAGNE BRUT IPA 6% . Hibiscus flowers bring a beautiful pink colour alongside a refreshing tart lemon and rich berry flavour. Cranberries & Strawberries further lay down the undertones of berry flavours for the hops with Citra taking the lead with its clean tropical fruit and juicy citrus notes.

    From GREEN DUCK BEER COMPANY – Stourbridge

  • Mermaid Gin MERMAID GIN

    Did you know we have over 160 different British gins, 60 British runs, whiskies and vodka, over 50 different British Ales & ciders and of course over 50 different British cheeses so we need to start showing you. Starting with the brand new Mermaid gin bottle, worthy of the liquid inside.

    The only distillery on the Isle of White, Set up by Conrad and Xavier in 2014, one a brewer, one a winemaker.  They created a smooth, yet complex gin using various locally sourced seaside botanics like rock samphire. Why not add blue or emerald shimmer to make it a seaside cocktail!

  • Unicorn Tears UNICORN TEARS

    Don’t cry…Pink Unicorn Tears, Pixie Tears & Dragon Tears are all BACK IN STOCK!

  • Glasgow Gin GLASGOW GIN

    When you get home and decide you need an iCONEic gin!

    Straight from my motherland this Award winning gin is light, fresh and fruity gin, offering a fun twist without messing with the important bits.  A quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit and then redistilled using 10 botanicals.

    It smells of summer berries and mint, with a gentle-floral but lemony crisp taste and a finish of sherbet. It makes a fab traditional G&T but staying true to it’s roots it has to be Irn Bru!

  • Tom Cat Gin TOM CAT GIN

    Its taken months of perseverance but we have finally managed to get Tom Cat back in stock!

    Tom Cat Gin began in early November 2016 with the idea of launching our Dry Sussex Gin just before Christmas 2016. Their gin is produced in small batches of 75 litres at a time,  bottles are individually hand dipped in black sealing wax which can be easily removed……..but whoever said gin had to be clear? Their smooth Dry Sussex Gin, with its distinctive botanicals, embraces mango to create this cloudy gin with a colour that’s evocative of the ripening fruit.
    Uncork and breathe in the aroma of a mango grove on a hot summer day. Pour one generous measure over ice and stir in a premium tonic: add a fresh mint leaf and a blueberry, maybe two. Or serve simply, on the rocks in a cold glass. Allow the initial sip to tantalise your tastebudsand as the natural tropical flavour lingers on your tongue,sit back and enjoy sunshine in a glass.

  • Patchwork Pate PATCHWORK PATE

    Patchwork Pates have arrived! Great British Yummy Stuff with Gin and Vodka!

    Which one do you like the look of??? You may have to try them all!

  • Batch Gin BATCH GIN

    We are very luck to have bagged 6 of these bad boys!

    A gorgeously exotic, handcrafted gin, made in tiny quantities. It is one of Batch Gin’s monthly new releases.

    This one, in its eye-catching bottle, is infused with a Chinese citrus fruit (Buddha’s hand), ginger and exotic spice, to pep up any G&T!



  • Banshee Etcher Gin BANSHEE ETCHER GIN

    It has taken a year for us to get what we want and just in time to celebrate our first year at Curborough Countryside Centre…

    Now on sale at The Cheese, Gin & Ale Barn is our very own Banshee Etcher – Spiced Orange & Cranberry Gin! It is available in store for £40 ~ why not try it with Walter Gregors Spiced Tonic…Mmmmmmmm PERFECT!


    Thank you so much to the following people: made by leah . Masons Yorkshire Gin . Graphic Wizard Ltd



  • Ale Popcorn ALE POPCORNS

    These new ale popcorns from Joe & Seph’s have just arrived! Check out these flavours:

    • Pale Ale Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% pale ale. Sweet and fruity with a bitter undertone.

    • German Weissbier Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% German weissbier. A lovely, smooth, earthy flavour with a bitter finish.

    • Irish Stout Popcorn
    Air-popped popcorn hand-coated in our smooth buttery caramel infused with a 29% Irish stout. Creamy, rich and maty with a classically bitter Irish stout finish.

    Don’t miss out, pop in and pick up yours today!

  • Gin, Whisky and Vodka Baubles CHRISTMAS BAUBLES

    Our Gin, Vodka and Whisky Baubles are now available to buy, postage is £3 for under 2kg and all baubles currently available are as follows:

    • Poetic license Rarities Espresso (limited numbers) £5
    • Poetic license Rarities Tutti Fruitti (limited numbers) £5
    • Sibling Lemon & Rosemary £5
    • Copeland Strawberry & basil £5
    • Sacred Christmas pudding £5
    • Sibling Cranberry & clementine £5
    • Nelson’s Rhubarb & custard £5.50
    • Tom Cat Mango £5
    • Sibling Strawberry & Black Pepper £5
    • Copeland Rasp & Mint £5
    • J J Whitley Violet £5
    • British Polo Gin £5
    • Warner Edwards Honey Bee £5
    • Warner Edwards Elderflower £5
    • Copper Frog £5.50
    • Norfolk Gin £5.50
    • Duncan Gin £5.50
    • Liverpool lemongrass & Ginger £5.50
    • Psychopomp Pinga £5
    • Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger £5
    • Aber Falls Orange marmalade £5
    • Fattys Organic £5.50
    • Boe Violet £5
    • Two Birds Rhubarb £5
    • Strawberry & Vanilla £5
    • Peaky Blinders £5
    • Dr Eamers firelit £5
    • Rarities Agave Nectar (limited edition) £5

    • Benromach peat £6
    • Benromach smoky £6
    • Glen Scotia 2008 ltd release £6
    • Loch Lomond 12yr £6

    • Christmas spice £5
    • After dinner Mint £5
    • Salted caramel £5

    We will be adding more – contact us if you would like to place an order. Payment can be made in the shop, over the phone or by BACs.

    Don’t miss out, get your orders in!